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Job responsibilities

1. Research fine-tuning and optimization of various performances of key products;

2. Pay attention to the design and verification of product application circuits;

3. Cooperate with product engineers to formulate product proofing plan and final test plan.

4. Provide assistance in the preparation of product specifications and application manuals;

5. Provide assistance to client in tackling related technical issues.

Job requirements

1. Familiar with wireless communication protocols and standards, remote control circuits and design theory;

2. Proficient in using RF tester and be able to independently debug and test the radio frequency performance of the product;

3. Familiar with chip product R & D process

4. Familiar with schematic and PCB tools and be able to complete the circuit design independently;

5. Good circuit board welding ability;

6. Good communication and coordination skills with cross functional team

7. Master's degree or above,accept excellent fresh graduates of master's degree

Job responsibilities

1. Assist the IC R&D director or IC layout team leader to accurately perform IC physicalization and tape-out related work;

2. Responsible for the layout, wiring, physical verification and parasitic parameter extraction of fully customized analog circuits and RF circuit layouts;

3. Document writing and recording related to tape-out (sign-off, PD, etc.).

Job requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronic engineering, communication engineering or microwave technology;

2. More than 3 years layout background;

3. Experience in RF layout design is preferred;

4. Familiar with Unix and mainstream physical verification EDA tools, such as Virtuoso, calibre, Assura, etc.;

5. Able to read Foundry's process instruction documents.

Job responsibilities

1. Responsible for tracking various details and progress of the project from product definition to final mass production,

2. Design, simulate, and verify analog/RF circuit sub-modules, including but not limited to bandgap circuits, bias circuits, high-frequency low-noise amplifiers, mixers, digitally controlled attenuators, digitally controlled phase shifters, filters (without Source/active), analog-to-digital converter, voltage-controlled oscillator and power amplifier circuit diagram design and layout design (physical design);

3. Compile the commissioning manual after the tape-out;

4. Apply for new intellectual property rights for the company based on innovation at work.

Job requirements

1. Master's degree or above in electronic engineering, communication engineering or microwave technology;

2. Familiar with various radio frequency integrated circuit technology, such as GaAs, BiCMOS and CMOS;

3. Proficient in using various mainstream EDA software,such as ADS, Cadence Spectre/SpectreRF/Virtuoso, Momentum, etc;

4. Familiar with various modern wireless communication protocols, including GSM, WCDMA, WiMAX, LTE and WLAN;

5. Familiar with the working principle of the electromagnetic field in high-frequency environment, and proficiently use electromagnetic simulation software for simulation;

6. Be able to guide layout engineers to complete the design process from circuit diagram to layout;

7. Familiar with various microwave radio frequency measuring instruments in the laboratory and be able to independently debug, evaluate, and verify the designed circuit modules or products

8. Strong sense of responsibility,highly efficient and productive

9. CET4 or above

10. Good communication and coordination skills with cross-functional team

Salary And Benefits

At KCT, we believe in the value of yourunique identity, background, and experiences. We are committed to fostering aninclusive culture, where everyone feels empowered to do their best work becausethey feel accepted, respected, and that they belong.

By embracing diverse teams andperspectives, ????we are better equipped to build aworld that works.


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