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Kangxi Communication, the Pioneer of the Inter-connected Era of All Things, was awarded the

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Kangxi Communication, the Pioneer of the Inter-connected Era of All Things, was awarded the

" Excellent Enterprise Award" in the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Post Date: 2018-1-8

Recently, the 6th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition electronic information industry finals in shenzhen concluded, " Kangxi Communication Technology ( Shanghai ) Co., Ltd. ” from shanghai was awarded the "Excellent Enterprise" title. Kangxi Communication Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. from the "online mass-election", after regional competition and cultivation, entered the national finals successfully.  In the end, KangXi won the title of " Excellent Enterprise" in nearly 260 projects of national competitions of electronic information industry.

This is a large-scale competition under the guidance of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Information Network and the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, the competition will be an important step in the development of innovative entrepreneurial enterprises to focus on upstream and downstream enterprises, large enterprises and listed companies, and help the two sides to achieve innovative solutions, complete the market and technology cooperation docking, accelerate the promotion of entrepreneurship and strategic partners in-depth cooperation, to help enterprises industrial upgrading and transformation. The five-day course of events culminates in the "Double Creation" enthusiasm. More than 500 spectators, including government leaders, venture capitalists, creative elites, students, media reporters and notaries, were present at the final, The competition was also broadcast live on China Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone's technology and financial information service platform, and they witnessed this wonderful double creation feast together.

The core team of Kangxi Communication Company is composed of the world's leading experts and talents in the RF front-end IC industry with many years of experience in R&D, system engineering, production and operation, business development and project management. Be familiar with the leading technologies in the world. Kangxi Communications is one of the 28,000 participating companies in the country that specialises in developing high-performance low-power RF front-end integrated circuit chips, it is also one of the best players in the final round of the Sixth National Championship.

The participating companies cover 26 specialties in optics, mechanics, electronic information, vehicle engineering, medicine and new materials, involving 186 subdivided fields, there are 26 leading international technologies, 14 the domestic initiative in China, 63 domestic leading, 78 domestic advanced, and 4 in multi-field projects. These participated projects basically represent the development direction of China's advanced manufacturing industry.

As the only company in this competition dedicated to the development of high performance, low power consumption, high integration of RF front-end integrated chip and optimized RF solutions, Kangxi Communication products mainly cover wireless access, mobile phone WIFI and Intelligent Internet Of Things. To provide industry first-push-on-demand (P&P) RF solutions, adopt innovative design methods to provide high performance, high reliability and high integration RF PA/FEM chips. This time Kangxi Communication also hopes to let the market understand our corporate image, know our products, and at the same time reap the attention of the capital, market and industry through the wave of this double creation.

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