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Analog/RF IC Layout

Job Description:
Responsible for the layout, wiring, physical verification and parasitic parameters extraction of the full custom analog circuit and RF circuit layout.
Able to write tape-out document, bonding wire document, etc.
Put in order of layout data.

Desired Skills and Experience:
3+ years of direct experience in full custom Analog layout.
Capable of completing full chip work from layout to tapeout.
Fluent with Unix and EDA tools such as Virtuoso, Calibre, Assura, etc.
Capable of reanding Foundry process guidance documents, understand DRC LVS file.
Familiar with integrated circuits, able to understand the impact of semiconductor manufacturing and circuit design on the layout and requirements, optimize layout based on the knowledge.
Understanding and implementing the requirements of the layout accurately.
Good communication skills for team work.
Can work under strong pressure of tapeout.
Good self-learning ability, interesting in layout work.

These abilities are preferred:
Master Prel, skill and other languages, be able to write shell script to improve work efficiency.
Can modify Foundry command file.
Familiar with ESD/Latch up/antenna and find solutions.
Able to build pcell.

You can send resume to e-mail:    TEL021-61681915