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1st tape out on April 15 of 2015

Release time:2015-4-15

Kangxi Communication Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which is committed to delivering high performance, low power loss RF Front-End IC products, announced to release company¡¯s first high-efficiency high-linearity 5G FEM KCT8522H today. KCT8522H has been taped out on April 15 of 2015. And testing results showed a satisfied data.

KCT8522H is operating in 5GHz range. It is assembled in a 3*3mm package and using of pin-to-pin design with other widespread products in the market. KCT8522H fully considers the compatibility of customer¡¯s board, can be directly used on variety of customer platforms, such as Broadcom, Qualcomm, MEDIATEK, etc. It also supports multiple standards including IEEE 802.11ac.

KCT8522H integrates a high-efficiency power amplifier (PA), a low noise amplifier (LNA), a T/R switch and the associated matching network all in a GaAs device. The testing data of first tape-out shows high performance with 19dBm@-35dB output power, which embodies the strength of KCT R&D team in RF Front-end IC field.

¡°The first tape-out for KCT8522H means a great deal to our company,¡± said CTO Simone, ¡°It is a good start as we expected, we learned a lot experience, which is very helpful for the following products developing.¡±