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In August of 2016, GCM acquires KCT

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August 2016, Hunan Grand Chip Microelectronics completed the acquisition of Kangxi Communication Technology (Shanghai). Kangxi Communications officially became a wholly owned subsidiary of GCM. After the acquisition, KCT as a research and development center in Shanghai would continue to maintain their original business model. In addition, GCM now has a R&D center in North America and a logistics center in Hong Kong, formed the strategic layout of “Act Locally, Lay Out Globally.”

GCM is situated in the Self-Innovation Park in Hunan Zhuzhou’s China Power Valley. As a leading provider of RF chip design solutions and chip products, GCM is committing to design and sell the world’s most advanced RF front-end integrated circuit (RF Front-End IC) for the main business.

Under the leadership of General Manager Dr. Peng Ping, the core team of GCM is composed of top leaders in the design, management and operation area of RF front-end IC industry. Most of them are overseas returnees who have held management and technical positions in well-known foreign RF devices companies. With many years of experience in R&D, systems engineering, production and operation, business development and project management, each member has mastered the core technology of RF front-end IC design and application.

In the meantime, with the speedy development and growing popularity of wireless technology, also the Internet of things, development and application of 5G communication technology, we are now entering the real Internet era. In this context, mobile Internet devices have become incredibly prominent elements of our daily lives. The performance of RF front-end plays a vital role in any wireless communications product. It determines the key parameters such as transmission distance, receiving sensitivity and data throughput. According to statistics, in 2020, the RF front-end device market capacity will exceed 10 billion us dollar, hence brings a vast market space to the RF front-end chip designers.

In the current environment, Chinese government has made significant efforts to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. GCM will continuously forge ahead in pursuit of excellence perfection, further enhance the company’s core competitiveness, committing to deliver and create better product to customers and contribute more to the society.

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