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Kxcomtech's Wi-Fi 7 RF Front-End Chip Empowers French Telecoms‘s Cutting-Edge Router - Freebox Ultra Wi-Fi 7 Router

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iJiwei News: Renowned European telecom operator, Free, has successfully launched its groundbreaking Freebox Ultra Wi-Fi 7 router, globally positioned for residential connectivity scenarios. This Wi-Fi 7 router is built with the nonlinear architecture of the Qualcomm IPQ9574 platform and integrates the Kxcomtech's Wi-Fi 7 RF front-end chip, and Kxcomtech is the first Chinese domestic reference design certified supplier of Qualcomm.


This Kxcomtech’s Wi-Fi 7 RF front-end chip in Freebox Ultra Wi-Fi 7 is a non-linear RF front-end product specifically designed for the Qualcomm platform. It is highly compatible with the SoC platform's digital predistortion (DPD) technology, offering not only high efficiency and high integration but also an exceptionally low noise figure which provides the router with outstanding interference resilience. This high-efficiency Wi-Fi 7 chip offers excellent power-saving functionality, aligning with principles of green, eco-friendly, and low-carbon initiatives. Additionally, it delivers to users a faster, more stable, and efficient wireless network connection.


Free, a prominent telecom company in France, stands as one of the earliest European operators to introduce Wi-Fi 7 devices and services. This collaboration with Free not only acknowledges the technical strength and innovation capabilities of Kxcomtech also highlights its leading position as a Chinese local supplier in Wi-Fi networking.


According to TSR's forecast data, the market penetration rate of the Wi-Fi 7 standard is expected to reach 2.35% in 2024 escalate to 7.89% in 2026. With the continuous progression of Wi-Fi standards through iterative upgrades, the market demand for Wi-Fi 7 Front-End Modules (FEM) is anticipated to grow.


As a pioneer in Wi-Fi 7 FEM technology, Kxcomtech expressed that with the integration of Wi-Fi 7 RF front-end chips into the supply chains of overseas operators such as Free and have achieved bulk shipments, the company's overseas market scale is expected to undergo a significant expansion in 2024.


Wi-Fi 7 as the latest wireless communication technology, will provide users with higher data transmission speeds, lower latency, and more reliable connections. Kxcomtech will continue to collaborate with leading global operators and device manufacturers, driving innovation in wireless communication technology to create an even more exceptional wireless connectivity experience for users.


Kxcomtech as a supplier of Wi-Fi RF front-end chips, owns profound technical expertise and has strategic plans for deepening its engagement in the RF front-end chip domain. In 2023, Kxcomtech increased its R&D expenses by more than 10%, and it is anticipated that the absolute value will continue to rise in 2024.


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