Founded in 2000 and headquartered in shenzhen, Asia technology is one of the best electronic components agents in mainland China.Asia technology is an important authorized distributor of more than 20 famous electronic component brands in China, as well as a certified supplier of more than 1000 electronic manufacturing enterprises and r&d institutions.Agent products business covers communication equipment, mobile electronics, industrial electronics, lighting electronics, consumer electronics, automotive electronics and other fields.The company has been rated as one of the top 10 excellent distributors in <China by international electronic business magazine > for more than ten years.Many original factories and customers awarded outstanding agents and excellent suppliers and other honorary titles.The company has set up more than 10 sales service and technical support bases in China, and currently has about 200 employees.Asia technology is customer-centric and value-oriented.The company attaches great importance to technology promotion and demand innovation, to provide customers with in-depth circuit design and system integration services.At the same time, combining with marketing, technology, sales and other professionals to form the golden triangle of service, really grasp the needs of customers, while playing the role of supplier, play the role of professional technical service consultant, to provide customers with the most thoughtful and fast service.

PM: Steve Li 

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Email: steve.li@asiacom.cn

CLP port is from China's electronic information industry group (CEC) to application components industry innovation platform, through the firefly works, focus on components of service design chain distribution iCEasy, developing wisdom and electrical equipment in the supply chain of YiAn CangSanDa business sector, as the industry to provide components as the core of comprehensive service solutions.

Adhering to the corporate mission of "serving customers and sharing with partners", CLP makes extensive use of Internet technology, deepens application innovation, strives to build the component supply chain ecosystem, and contributes to the development of China's electronic information industry.While ensuring the safety of component supply chain and fulfilling social responsibilities, we will promote the industrial Internet development goal of "large platform and fine professional", explore and practice the "new distribution" business model, which is driven by application innovation and supported by system service, and begin the transformation from a single enterprise platform to a platform enterprise in the service industry.

PM: Xuhua Xiao 

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Email: xuhua.xiao@cecport.com

Website:  http://www.cecport.com

Alltek Technology Corp. was founded in April 1991 as a professional communication components distributor and solution provider. We invited veteran R&D talents from internationally reputable communications companies to provide total solutions to customers. Unlike conventional component representatives who provide only quotations and delivery dates, we offer customers more by helping customers to solve bottlenecks of product development via a comprehensive program, hence raising the overall quality of the industry. 


Ever since Alltek Technology Corp. was founded in 1991, the total solutions have become our main business strategy which relies on our strong technical developments and supports. Alltek equips the capacity for ASIC, module and system developments, as well as for customization and the software and firmware modification capabilities. 


Alltek’s veteran management team shares strong background in engineering, product research and development; they came from Siemens, IBM, Motorola, CSIST, Tatung, and Institute for Information Industry. Accordingly, humanity, flexibility and efficiency have become the main objectives when it comes to organization structure, system plan, and employee management.

PM: Jamie Ou

Tel: +886-2-2627 5859 ext. 231

Mail: jamieou@alltek.com

Website: http://www.alltek.com

Add: 9F., No.360, Rueiguang Rd., Neihu Dist., Taipei City 11492, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Founded in 1998, Pantek Technology Corp. is a blooming, vigorous and professional IC distributor. Not only high-quality IC components, but we also provide the best and most prompt service through our outstanding sales representative . In addition, the FAE team composed of professional application engineers is the guarantee of professional technical support.


Pantek represents the most prestigious IC principles from all around the world, primarily Europe, North America, and Japan. We have been awarded as the best distributor from multiple principles for numerous years in a row; therefore, we are proud to say that we are one of the best cooperative business partners for customers and original equipment manufacturers.We continue to enhance our ability as we have now successfully developed many total solutions in networking, automobile electronics, and other portable devices including smart phone.


In order to provide service to clients operating in Great China, Pantek had also established distribution networks in Great China, Pantek will continue its quest to provide the best service quality wherever clients are.

PM: Steven




7F, No.605, Ruei-Guang Rd., Nei-Hu Dist.,Taipei City 11492, Taiwan, R.O.C.