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Wi-Fi 7 scheduled before Wi-Fi 6 is widespread?

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The development of technology circle is really faster and faster, when we are still waiting for Wi-Fi 6 terminal widespread popularity, Wi-Fi 7 technology is already scheduled, and Wi-Fi 7 is said to be capable of up to 30 Gbps. See here, we might as well first to clarify the thinking, see what is the relationship between the two? Compared with Wi-Fi 6, what are the advantages of Wi-Fi 7?

We say that the main improvements of Wi-Fi 6 are that it doubles the QAM modulation accuracy, makes the network speed of a single device faster, and introduces OFDMA technology, at the same time can accommodate more device connections; In addition, Wi-Fi 6 also introduces BSS coloring technology, which can reduce signal interference between routers; At the same time, due to the introduction of target wake time design, Wi-Fi power consumption can be reduced. The maximum potential speed of Wi-Fi 6 will be 40% faster than the Wi-Fi 5 routers currently used in most homes, dramatically increasing data transfer speeds.

In the case of a home's network hub router, Wi-Fi 6 allows the router to communicate with more devices simultaneously. It also allows routers to transmit data to multiple devices on the same broadcast, making for smoother and smarter interactions between smart homes. Meanwhile, Wi-Fi 6 supports the latest security protocol WP3, making it more difficult for hackers to decipher and greatly improve Wi-Fi security.  

Here let's talk about Wi-Fi 7. For now, the most likely Wi-Fi 7 is the IEEE 802.11be standard in development. Compared to Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax), Wi-Fi 7 is expected to have the following improvements:

First, Wi-Fi 7 supports more data streams, introducing CMU-MIMO. Wi-Fi 6 supports up to eight streams of data, and the introduction of MU-MIMO is a major upgrade, allowing multiple devices to communicate with access points using multiple streams simultaneously. Wi-Fi 7 will double that number, allowing the device to support 16 data streams, and supporting more data streams will also lead to more powerful CMU-MIMO features. Where C stands for Coordinated, it means that 16 data streams can be provided not by one access point, but by multiple access points simultaneously.

CMU-MIMO is a new feature which caters to the development direction of multi-access point in wireless networks. In recent years, in order to expand the coverage of Wi-Fi networks, Mesh networking is often used, which is actually to increase the number of access points; CMU-MIMO allows users to make full use of the extra access points, 16 data streams to different access points and work simultaneously.

Second, Wi-Fi 7 also introduces a new 6 GHz band, which operates on three bands simultaneously. As we all know, Wi-Fi 6 can use both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, And its other upgrade, the Wi-Fi 6E, introduces a new 6 GHz band. Wi-Fi 7 will continue to use this new band and strive to achieve the goal of using all three bands simultaneously, This results in greater communication bandwidth to increase its own rate, and will also expand the width of a single channel, doubling from 160 MHz to 320 MHz in Wi-Fi 6.

Moreover, Wi-Fi 7 has upgraded its modulation to 4096QAM for greater data capacity. Wireless technology will of course involve how signals are modulated. In 802.11ax, the standard uses 1024-QAM modulation, And Wi-Fi 7 is expected to continue to upgrade the modulation method, using 4096-QAM directly, further expanding the transmission data capacity, for the highest 30 Gbps laid the foundation.

On the application level, if Wi-Fi 7 transmission speed really can reach 30 Gbps, Can bring users more smooth, fast transmission experience, because it has greater coverage and effectively reduce transmission congestion problems, will be more powerful to boost the popularity of 8K products. From a user's perspective, Wi-Fi 7 makes online playback of 8K videos no longer a dream, and users will thus get a better audio and video experience. In addition, faster transmission speed will also extend more intelligent product functions and experiences, such as artificial intelligence interaction, home intelligent control, to solve the consumer pain points in these areas, to obtain more comfortable intelligent.

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