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Integrated Circuit Meet the Intensive Investment Period Opens the Golden Age of “China Chip”

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Integrated Circuit Meet the Intensive Investment Period

 Opens the Golden Age of “China Chip”

Post date: 2017-6-28

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Under the favorable policy and funds, China’s integrated circuit industry is showing a rapid development trend, ushered in a period of intensive investment. It was learned from the press conference of the‘90th China electronic exhibition and the 15th China international semiconductor exposition’ held in Shanghai in 15th that the current investment in the field of integrated circuits in china is active, the self-sufficiency rate of the chip is gradually increasing.

According to Xinhua News Agency June 15th news, integrated circuit chip is the core cornerstone of the information age, represents the highest level of the worlds micro-manufacturing .  In order to promote the development of domestic integrated circuit industry, October 2014, the national integrated circuit industry investment fund was officially established, and the first phase raised RMB 138.72 billion. According to the relevant responsible person, as of the end of 2016, the national integrated circuit investment fund has carried out as many as 40 investment, the commitment investment has also been close to RMB 70 billion, more than RMB 150 billion of social financing has been invested in the project.

In addition to the large fund as the representative of the national funds, Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Anhui, Gansu, Shandong, Hubei, Sichuan and other places have also introduced different amounts of integrated circuit industry funds, in order to support the development of local industries. For example, Beijing City set up RMB 30 billion industrial investment fund, Shanghai integrated circuit industry fund total scale reached RMB 50 billion.

According to China Semiconductor Industry Association statistics, China integrated circuit industry sales reached RMB 433.55 billion in 2016, of which the design industry for the first time beyond the assembly & test industry to become the largest part of the industry, this is also seen as a benign signal for the good development of China’s integrated circuits. In the past two years, the number of China integrated circuit design companies has increased from 681 to 1362.

At the same time that the number of design enterprises doubled, the sales volume of China’s integrated circuit manufacturing industry reached RMB 112.69 billion in 2016, an increase of 25 percent over the same period last year. It is the first time to exceed the design industry in the past 5 years at the filed of domestic semiconductor manufacturing industry, which is related to the growth of orders in the design industry, the continuous full load of manufacturing capacity, and the drive of hundreds of billions dollars to invest in the manufacturing sector. Experts predict that in the next few years, there will be at least about RMB 350 billion in the field of integrated circuit manufacturing, most of which are new 12 inch’s fab.

In recent years, China has made memory as a breakthrough in the development of domestic integrated circuit industry. Since 2015, China’s memory industry market from zero start, is gradually forming UNIS / Yangtze storage system, Fujian Jin Hua and Hefei Chang Xin tripartite pattern. Weiguo Zhao, chairman of the UNIS, recently made it clear that UNIS will become the world’s top five memory manufacturers within 10 years.

Xiaotian Xu, executive vice chairman and secretary general of Chinese Semiconductor Association, said that most of the worlds mainstream semiconductor companies have invested in China, it can be seen that China market is of great importance to the whole world.  from the point of view of controllability and security, only to realize the autonomous system of the integrated circuit industry in our country can we achieve information security, and our country’s integrated circuit industry can develop in a solid way, and participate in global industrial competition. 

With the rapid development of the semiconductor industry, it will also help to open up the domestic electronic industry to upgrade the curtain. Wenhai Chen, general manager of China electronic equipment company, pointed out : the internet of things, new energy vehicles, intelligent manufacturing and other emerging industries all need the support of semiconductors, and the semiconductor will promote the entire electronic information industry change. Artificial intelligence is expected to be the next important market for semiconductors. With the advent of the age of intelligence, the semiconductor industry will also usher in a new round of development opportunities.

The current development trend of China’s integrated circuit industry is good, but the scope of it’s coverage is still limited at the same time. To promote the independent innovation and development of the domestic integrated circuit industry, we still need the joint efforts of the market, the superior enterprises in the industry and the competent government departments. 

Experts point out that the challenges faced by our country in the field of chip are mainly shows in the following aspects: first, the high-end equipment and materials of integrated circuits in our country are basically in a blank state, completely dependent on imports, the industrial chain is seriously missing; second, manufacturing process and packaging integration is weak; the third is the lack of independent intellectual property rights, which seriously restricts the development of independent innovation of integrated circuit enterprises in our country.

In terms of policy support, facing 2020, china has continued to speed up the implementation of the national science and technology major projects that have been deployed, focusing on tackling high-end universal chips and high-end numerical control machine tools, integrated circuit equipment and other aspects of the key core technology, the formation of a number of strategic technology and strategic products, cultivating new industries.

Boxu Zhang, director of Beijing City Commission of Economy and Information Technology, believes that a new model of industrial chain, innovation chain, and effective coordination of the financial chain should be adopted, and the special and key regional industrial development plan should be coordinated, take the initiative to guide local and social industrial investment follow-up support, will effectively promote the industrialization of special results, support enterprises to become bigger and stronger, form an industrial scale, and improve the overall industrial strength.

At the same time, the integrated circuit manufacturing equipment as the basic industry, the results of the radiation driven by a wide range. Guoqing Fu, chief engineer of Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, introduced the application of the core technology to LED, sensors, photovoltaic, LCD panels and other pan-semiconductor manufacturing areas, this has greatly enhanced the domestic production of equipment in relevant areas of our country. In LED, photovoltaic and other areas have achieved a complete set of key equipment localization, domestic equipment become the mainstream of the market, LED lighting, photovoltaic and other industrial scale leapt to the world first.

Regarding the future development, Tianchun Ye introduced, the special subject has been in 14 nanometer equipment, technology, packaging, materials and other aspects of the system deployment, is expected to be fully into the industrialization in 2018. In 2016-2020, it will also focus on supporting the research and development of international advanced technologies such as 7-5 nanometer and 3D storage, and support China enterprises to have the core competitiveness in the global industrial chain, realize the independent development of the industry, and form a characteristic advantage.

Tianchun Ye, director of the microelectronics research institute of Chinese Academy Of Sciences, said that integrated circuits have been systematically deployed in 14 nanometer, technology, packaging, materials, and other aspects, it is expected to be fully industrialized by 2018.

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