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SUB 1GHz LP-WAN NB-IoT / ZigBee Front-end Module


SUB 1GHz LP-WAN NB-IoT / ZigBee Front-end Module


KCT8101L is a broadband, highly integrated, single-chip, single-die RF Front-End Integrated Circuit which incorporates key RF functionality needed for a TDD-mode RF Front-end operating in the 700/800/900MHz frequency bands. KCT8101L integrates a high-efficiency, and high-linearity power amplifier (PA), a low noise amplifier (LNA), Transmit and Receive switching circuitry and the associated matching network in a CMOS single-chip device.


KCT8101L has simple and low-voltage CMOS control logic, and requires minimal external components. It is designed for high output power, and consumes low current in receive mode.


KCT8101L is assembled in a compact, low-profile 3x3x0.75mm 16-lead QFN package. KCT8101L is the ideal RF front-end solution for implementing sub-GHz from 780 to 960MHz supporting multiple standards including IEEE 802.15.4, 802.11p and 802.11ah.


700/800/900MHz Single-chip, Single-die RF Front-end IC with 27.5dBm Output Power

Full on-chip 50Ω Input / Output matching and Decoupling Circuitry

Transmit gain: 28dB

Receive gain: 15dB

Transmit / Receive Switch Circuitry

Low Voltage CMOS Control Logic

Low Noise Figure for the Receive Channel

Very Low DC Power Consumption

ESD Protection Circuitry on All Ports

Minimal External Components Required

Small Package: QFN 16-pin 3×3×0.75mm, with Exposed Ground Pad (MSL3, 260per JEDEC J-STD-020)

RoHS and REACH Compliant


SUB 1GHz LP-WAN NB-IoT / ZigBee Front-end Module

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